Colombia El Diviso

Another visit to El Diviso - this time it is a mouth-watering peach bomb! This variety is originally an Ethiopian Heirloom that’s been cultivated in the Colombian terroir to be renamed Aji Bourbon. This time around, the choice of processing is called Mosto Washed. The harvested coffee cherries are pulped and prepared like a washed coffee, only it is soaked in ‘mosto’ - juice made from the harvested cherries instead of water, while limiting oxygen levels to facilitate the fermentation. This farm is from the Normandia district, Colombia. Founded in 1997 by Jose Uribe Lasso, it is now been taken care of by his 3 sons, Jonathan, Adrian and Nestor. The three brothers are active pioneers of new processing methods; longer fermentation times, oxidation, anaerobic fermentation and re-application of mucilage juices to the cherry during processing.
Range: Special
Country: Colombia
Region: Normandia
Elevation: 1700 - 1800 MASL
Farm: Finca El Diviso
Producer: Nestor Lasso
Variety: Aji Bourbon
Process: Mosto Washed
Flavour Notes: Peach Tea, Pomegranate, Lime

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coffee11.5 g
water230 g
brew time2:00
temp.96 °C


coffee19 g
water57 g
brew time19 secs
temp.94.5 °C
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