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Precision, flavour and the art of specialty

A focus on the nuanced flavour profiles of single origin coffees

Here at Edition, we don’t do blends. Instead, our focus is firmly placed on the myriad of experiences available through single origin coffee. Our seasonal, rotating roster of specialty singles are either hard to come by, showcase unusual processing methods or are sourced from small lot producers. Carefully and thoughtfully sourced, once they land in our hands from many a far-flung place, each individual green bean is omni-roasted with care and precision. The result is a range of fruit-forward, tea-like, lighter roast profiles that brim with flavour and textural nuance.

Brew Gear

Exceptional brew equipment and accessories for the perfect cup.


Our Stores

Our locations have been purposefully designed to celebrate Japanese aesthetics and approach to flavour. The result is an accessible but elevated cafe menu and an appreciation for unique single origin coffee, across all methods. All served on-the-go or in a calm, textural and thought-provoking environment.


Our Ethos

Care. Precision. Nuance. Connection. Education. All core tenants of Edition’s philosophy, united by our focus on microlot producers and unusual single origin coffees. We offer a specialised approach to specialty coffee.


Our Approach

Unlike roast profiles that are developed to match a specific brewing method, omni roasting allows the beans to shine no matter the method, whether you’re pulling espresso shots or enjoying a pour over. All in the name of experiencing the delicious array of flavours and textures that single origin coffees provide.