El Salvador Finca El Manzano

Imagine a bouquet of white flowers set amongst ripe mango, passionfruit, lychee, orange... this coffee is a romantic marriage of geisha florals and luscious tropicals.

El Manzano is a 6th generation family-owned farm located in the highest volcano in the country, Ilamatepec. Founded in 1872, the Díaz family has continued to hone in on their creations alongside the ever-changing world of coffee consumptions. After an expansion in 2005, they now cultivate a number of exotic varieties such as Orange Bourbon, SL-34, Pacamara and of course, this Geisha. They have also achieved 1st and 2nd place at 2018 El Salvador Coffee of Excellence.
Range: Premium
Country: El Salvador
Region: Ilamatepec
Elevation: 1300 - 1550 MASL
Farm: Finca El Manzano
Producer: Emilio López Díaz
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural
Flavour Notes: Passionfruit, Orange, Lemongrass

$25.00 AUD



coffee11.5 g
water220 g
brew time2:30
temp.97 °C


coffee19 g
water55 g
brew time17 secs
temp.94.5 °C
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