Colombia Las Flores

Perfect for summer time brightness! Light, juicy, floral with a great accent of tangy acidity. Cold filter of this will most certainly cool down both your body and soul under the sun.
This pink bourbon variety comes from Las Flores - a family owned farm since the inception in 1990 in the Hulia region of Colombia.
After participating in the Cup of Excellence in 2006, the Vergara family has focused on producing exotic varieties such as Tabi, Java, Wush Wush and Sidra Bourbon.  They have recently began implementing fermentation processes on some of these as well, some of which you may see in the near future with us :)  
Range: Premium
Country: Colombia
Region: Hulia
Elevation: 1730 - 1750 MASL
Farm: Las Flores
Producer: Edilberto Vergara
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed
Flavour Notes: Raspberry, Lemonade, Pink Rose

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coffee11.5 g
water220 g
brew time2:30
temp.96 °C


coffee19.5 g
water55 g
brew time18 secs
temp.94.5 °C
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