Colombia Decaf

These coffee cherries were picked by small farm holders spread across the land of Cauca, Colombia. After harvest, selected coffees are sorted to remove any unripe or hollow cherries. They are then transported to DESCAFECOL, where they are milled and put through a sugar cane decaffeination process. A by-product of sugar cane fermentation is used as a caffeine solvent in this process. Green beans are steamed after harvest to open up their pores, soaked twice in this solution for up to 8 hours. They are then steamed again, polished and dried to be exported. This process is becoming more popularized due to its ability to sustain the fruity qualities of the coffees, allowing roasters to better manipulate the balance between caramel and fruits. You won’t know that you are drinking a decaf coffee!
Range: Core
Country: Columbia
Region: Cauca
Elevation: 1550 - 1900 MASL
Farm: Popayan
Processing Station: Descafecol
Variety: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
Process: Sugar Cane Decaf
Flavour Notes: Molasses, Spiced Poached Pear, Yuzu

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coffee11.5 g
water200 g
brew time2:30
temp.95 °C


coffee22 g
water40 g
brew time18 secs
temp.94.5 °C
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