Ethiopia Tabe Burka Ethiopia Tabe Burka

Ethiopia Tabe Burka


Region Uraga, Guji
Location Tabe Burka Station
Varietal Heirloom
Process Washed
Notes Yellow peach, Hibiscus, Green apple

Nestled between the famed coffee producing regions of Yirgacheffe, Gadeb, and Shakisso is the Guji zoning of the Oromia region within Ethiopia. A storied region, having only become articulate as its own region in 2002, Guji boasts a unique microclimate with frequent rainfalls and a steep mountainous terroir that fosters the trademark stonefruit qualities synonymous with Ethiopian coffees, as well as a genteel but undeniable floral quality to temper its verbose fruitiness. Set high in the Uraga region of the larger Guji zoning of Ethiopia is the Tabe Burka washing
station, a processing station that consolidates the coffees of multiple farmers to prepare it for its journey overseas.
After arriving at the washing station, this particular coffee is run through a washing process, an ordeal which begins using water to identify over or under ripe cherries, and then continues with pulping the cherries and fermenting them in water for 36-72 hours with a replacement of the water occurring 3 times across this period.
After that, the remaining coffee is again run through a wet mill to remove any remaining cherry remnants, and is then sorted by density. The premium grade coffee is then afterwards soaked once more for an additional 8-12 hours, before being prepared for bagging and freight to various buyers overseas.