Costa Rica Finca Volcan Azul Costa Rica Finca Volcan Azul

Costa Rica Finca Volcan Azul


Region: West Valley 

Location: Finca Volcan Azul 

Elevation: 1400 - 1700 MASL

Variety: Typica 

Process: Honey 

Flavour Notes: Cherry Ripe, Blueberry, Red Velvet Cake



Finca Volcan Azul is a headliner name in Costa Rican coffee production with a heritage in coffee production that stems from the genesis of coffee cultivation in Central America as early as the start of the 1800s, it’s self- evident as to why the farm continues to accrue prestige and innovate in the coffee cultivation process. With the terroir advantage of highly fertile and mineral heavy volcanic soil in conjunction with near uninterrupted Pacific Ocean air currents and a suitably damp weather profile ideal for farming coffee, Finca Volcan Azul comes equipped with all the tools to produce fantastic coffees.

This particular coffee uses a honey process, in which water milling is used in conjunction with extended open air sun-drying to separate the coffee beans from the cherries. This results in a tremendously sweet flavour! Reminiscent of cherry, milk chocolate and a traditional red velvet cake. 

Beyond producing coffee of renown, the owner of Finca Volcan Azul, Alejo Khale Castro, places a high premium on environmental conservation and devotes a strong portion of the farm’s profits towards the maintaining of local rainforest and a focus on reducing air contamination as well as the farm’s carbon footprint.