Kenya Kainamui Kenya Kainamui

Kenya Kainamui

Region: Ngariama, Kirinyaga
Location: Kainamui 

Variety: Ruiru-11, SL-28, Batian 
Process: Fully Washed  
Elevation: 1650 MASL
Flavour Notes: Cranberry, Red Apple, Plum

Our pick for this year’s Kenyan comes from Kainamui factory, situated on the outskirts of Mount Kenya in the middle of the country in Ngarimama, Gichugu division of Kirinyaga county. The factory consists of 1200 male and 800 female workers with just average of 200 trees per farmer - allowing for a tender and quality care for each tree. 

The harvested cherries are taken to the Kainamui factory to be pulped out of outer fruit,  separated from floaters (less dense immatures cherries) and sent to the fermentation water tank. The fermentation occurs in two stages - first is 24 hours in the fermentation water tank, after which the beans are washed throughly and sent to the second tank for another 12-24 hours. Once fermentation is done, another floatation tank is used to further remove immature beans and the rest is scrubbed off of their mucilage. The washed and sorted beans are now to be kept under soaking water tank for another 24 hours. This part of the process allows amino acids and proteins within the cellular structure of each bean to develop to achieve the clean, tart, acidic cup profile that we all associate with Kenyan coffee. These are laid out in thick layers for the first 6 hours for initial drying and later laid out in thinner layers for the next 10-15 days until 10.5~11.5% of moisture is achieved. 

Of all Kenyans we have tasted, this lot is leaning towards the sweet rather than acidic. Sparkling in its tart red fruit qualities with a hint of funky plum wine. Deliciously juicy espresso and comforting sweet filter to be expected!