Colombia El Topacio Double Anaerobic Honey Colombia El Topacio Double Anaerobic Honey

Colombia El Topacio Double Anaerobic Honey

Colombia El Topacio Double Anaerobic Honey 

Region: Genova, Quindio
Location: El Topacio
Farmer: Carlos Alberto Amariles

Variety: Tabi
Elevation: 1800 - 1950 MASL
Process: Double Anaerobic Honey 
Notes: Passionfruit, Cherry, Mangosteen 

For the very first time we have our hands on this variety, Tabi, from Colombia! This is a relatively new variety developed in 2002 by the FNC (Frederacion Nacional de Cafeteros - a federation dedicated in sustainability and market research, rural development, agri-tech advancements etc). It is a cross between Timor-hybrid, Bourbon and Typica. 

On top of the rarity of the variety, there is also this unique processing technique, Double Anaerobic Honey. This is a culmination of years of experiments and patience by the farmer, Carlos Alberto Amariles. Carefully selected cherries are harvested and go through; 

1) Dry anaerobic fermentation for 48 hours 
2) Aerobic fermentation for 24 hours 
3) Dry anaerobic fermentation for another 48 hours
4) After first 3 stages as whole cherries, coffee is pulped 
5) Dried on raised beds under 35 degree celsius 

For something that goes through a magnificent amount of anaerobic fermentation (96hous!), this coffee does not have much of a heavy funk. There are an array of probable causes for this - perhaps this is due to the fact that it goes through an aerobic fermentation in between anaerobic or that it is pulped after all fermentation stages (hence the inclusion of the processing term, honey), or it is the variety that naturally lends itself to be more of the fresher side of fruity flavours. Or simply, a combination of above all. Mysteries aside, the coffee presents itself brilliantly with its heightened tropical fruit acidities along with vibrantly succulent cherry and a gentle panela sweetness to finish the cup. We would love for you to explore these mysteries with us!