Colombia Decaf Colombia Decaf

Colombia Decaf


Region: La Florida Narińo
Location: Finca San Francisco
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed ethyl acetate decaf
Notes: Chai spiced apple, Macadamia, Rose water

Ethyl Acetate Process, otherwise known as 'Sugarcane Decaf Process', is an emerging processing method for decaffeinated coffees. The by-product of sugar cane fermentation is used as a caffeine solvent. Green beans are steamed after harvest to open up their pores, soaked twice in this solution for up to 8 hours. These are then steamed again, polished and dried to be exported. This process is becoming more popularized due to its ability to sustain the fruity qualities of the coffees, allowing roasters to manipulate the balance between caramel and fruits. Diego Fernando Lopez, the farmer at Finca La Florida is a long-timer agronomist, who is dedicated to maintaining the conditions of his environment and only picking fully matured cherries. The combination of the passionate farmer and the clean decaffeination method achieves a well-nuanced cup - you won't even know it is decaf!