Colombia El Indio

This coffee is an accumulated outcome of a program called El Indio, whereby small-farmer holders in Planadas will look after their own cultivation, harvest, milling and processing under strict guidance from the team at Cofinet. After the harvest, coffee cherries are sorted and sun-dried on raised beds until ideal moisture content is achieved. After all this, the finished products will gather at ASOPEP to be combined and exported or sold locally.
This remarkable coffee is full of ripe purple fruits like plum and blueberry, alongside a tropical punch (no-pun intended) reminiscent of mango and a long-lasting linger of rum and raisin chocolate!
Range: Core
Country: Colombia
Region: Planadas, Tolima
Elevation: 1500 - 2150 MASL
Process: Natural
Variety: Caturra
Flavour Notes: Mango, Plum, Rum and Raisin Chocolate

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coffee11.5 g
water210 ml
brew time2:00 secs
temp.96 °C


coffee19.5 g
water53 ml
brew time15 secs
temp.96 °C
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