Burundi Gitunda Burundi Gitunda

Burundi Gitunda


Region: Gitunda
Location: Kirasa Station
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Natural
Notes: Strawberry, Fig jam, Bergamot

Burundi, a small nation that sits in the convergence of the African Great Lakes region and the East African region lies in a prime geographical location for the production of coffee. Bordered to its north by the coffee producing nation of Rwanda and hemmed on its east/southeast by another coffee producer, Tanzania, Burundi sits in a good stead to produce tasty coffee.
This particular coffee is the fruit (literally) of a community project that amalgamates 13 mills (The Akawa Project). The goal of the project is twofold, one being an  increase of the standard of living for its members (an immense struggle considering Burundi’s extreme poverty contributing to it ranking as one of the lowest global GDP’s) and a community collaboration to lift the overall standard of coffee. This
allows for the Akawa Project to get a fairer price for their coffee and facilitates a passing back of much needed cashflow into their pockets of their producers. The specific mill that produces this coffee, the Kirasa Mill, has been proactive with using their own coffee farming by-products to create fertilizer that better nourishes seedlings. These seedlings are then passed along to members of the mill, to help them over time raise the quality of their trees and create a better crop for themselves.
This coffee is also the representation of a new direction for the coffee farmers that contribute to the Kirasa mill, as farming in the older traditional Natural processing style (sun drying coffee and painstakingly raking it over and over for an extended period) is not a common practice in this part of the coffee producing world. As such, the producers at the mill are extra particular with selecting the right cherries to undergo the process, resulting in the clean and tasty cup you drink today.