Tanzania Mbozi Tanzania Mbozi

Tanzania Mbozi


Region: Mbozi
Location: Lutefo Estate
Varietal: N39
Process: Washed
Notes: Kiwi, Rockmelon, Riesling

Tanzania is a large African nation within the African Great Lakes region of the large continent. Bordered by the Indian ocean, the climate of the country varies greatly. The specific region that this coffee is produced in sits on the southwestern extent of the nation, in a region bordered by multiple lakes that feed rich soil that sits close to the country’s Zambia border.
This particular coffee represents an exercise in long term perseverance and ingenuity. The producer of this coffee, Lutendamo Mkisi, spent three years from 2009 working on improving the quality of the soil with constant fertilization and tilling to make it functional as a coffee farm. Furthermore to this, this particular farm was populated entirely with a variety of coffee specifically bred for producing high coffee
yields, a variety of coffee currently only found in Tanzania. This alongside the hard work taken to prepare the soil makes for a meticulously and arduously produced coffee that proves its quality in a nuanced and sophisticated bouquet and flavour profile.