Ethiopia Worka Sakuro - WASHED Ethiopia Worka Sakuro - WASHED

Ethiopia Worka Sakuro - WASHED


Region: Gedyo, Yirgacheffe
Location: Edera Village
Varietal: Hierloom
Process: Washed
Notes: Peach curd, Blood orange, Blackberry

Ethiopia is one infamous origin of coffee with its magnificent stone fruit notes! This particular coffee comes from the Edera village, located in Yirgacheffe, southern part of the country in the Gedyo zone. Approximately 410 farmers are involved with farming and harvesting the cherries that arrive at the Worka Sakuro processing station. Here, the cherries are hand sorted, floated in water to sort out by density, pulped and fermented in a water tank for 48 to 76 hours, after which they are
hand sorted again using cannel channels. They are then moved to raised beds to dry for 10 to 12 days.
You can expect bright and zesty acidity of blood orange, fresh berries embedded in round and buttery peach curd.
There is also a natural process of the same region if you are looking to compare the flavours different processes can bring forward.