Ethiopia Halo Beriti - Natural Ethiopia Halo Beriti - Natural

Ethiopia Halo Beriti - Natural


Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedyo 

Location: Halo Beriti 

Elevation: 2100 - 2200 MASL 

Variety: Helrloom 

Process: Natural 

Flavour Notes: Paw Paw, Milk Chocolate, Lavender


Halo Beriti processing station sits in the epicentre of an all-time hailed origin of speciality coffee, Ethiopia. Often the case with Ethiopians, the crops are composed of beautifully cultivated and hand-picked local heirloom varieties by 750 small farm holders across the Yirgacheffe region. These cherries go through a slow maturation on the trees for two specific reasons. 1) The farms are situated at a high elevation of 2100 - 2300 MASL, meaning the environmental temperatures stay relatively low throughout the season (20-23 degrees Celsius) , allowing more sugars to be developed within the cherries. 2) The cherries are grown in the shade of other non-coffee crops such as mulberries and legumes to prevent direct sunlight. These collected lots are brought in to be processed as washed, natural and anaerobic natural. This year we have brought in all three processes as they are all shining in its own uniqueness, whilst still maintaining the classic Ethiopian peach bombs.

Compared to the washed and anaerobic natural, the natural process yields so much more tropical fruit and chocolate notes from the same lot! Harvested cherries are placed onto raised African beds to dry with its fruit flesh still intact. The cherries are monitored and turned every couple of hours to prevent uneven drying and mould from developing. This process takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks depending on the weather conditions. More of a desert cup profile - astonishingly sweet body of milk chocolates with dried tropical fruits in the mix. Decadent lavender aromas will accompany you all the while you sip at this coffee. Think lazy brunch with cakes alongside!