Brazil Mantiqueira Brazil Mantiqueira

Brazil Mantiqueira


Region: Minas Gerais
Location: Mantiqueira De Minas
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon/Catuai
Elevation: 1100 MASL
Process: Natural
Notes: Caramel, Orange, Hazelnut

Situated in the southern Minas Gerais State, with over 100 years of tradition in producing high-quality coffees, the Mantiqueira de Minas region was acknowledged as a Protected Geographical Indication in 2011, due to tradition and the worldwide reputation for producing high-quality coffees.

Composed of 25 municipalities, the region has over 9,200 producers, 89% being small producers. What determines the participation of a small farmers' lots in the Mantiqueira de Minas Blend is the quality of the coffee - this is, its score and also the observance of the Regulations for Use of the Mantiqueira de Minas Geographical Indication, safeguarding the origin and value of a sustainable future for the region. 

You can expect a prominent bold caramel and roasted hazelnuts, accompanied by lush and ripe black grapes. As a milk beverage this coffee can take the best of the two worlds - fruity milkshakes and rich caramel chocolate bars.