Brewista Smart scale II Brewista Smart scale II

Brewista Smart scale II


Brewista Smart Scale 2

The Brewista Smart Scale 2 has been developed with the barista in mind, featuring 6 easy to use modes. It is perfect for both espresso and pour over brewing methods….and it now comes with a rechargeable battery!

Excellent for cafe and home use, enabling you to weigh your coffee and water down to a tenth of a gram. With a built-in timer, you won't have to break your attention from your coffee brewing area.

The entire scale is constructed with a nano-coat technology that is water-resistant. Keep the scale on an espresso drip tray without fear of drowning it. Even if it's wet, the rubberized coating is easy to grip.

Whats in the box?

  • 1 x Brewista smart scale II
  • 1 x Protective cover/tray
  • Does not come with USB Charging cable


  • Readability: 0.1g
  • Capacity: 2000g
  • Measuring Units: oz , g
  • Dimensions: 109mm(W) x 127mm(L) x 21mm(H)


  • Automatically times the brewing process, starting the timer as soon as liquid hits the glass.
  • Tares both time and weight once the cup or glass has been removed.
  • Nano-coating technology allows for rinsing straight under the faucet.

Modes include

  • Auto1: This is an espresso mode. Place cup on scale and time/weight go to zero and timer start counting up.
  • Auto2: This is the second espresso mode: Place cup on scale and time/weight go to zero, start espresso machine and press orange timer button and scale timer starts. Remove cup and time and weight go back to zero.
  • Auto3: Place cup on scale, will auto tare. This is for espresso machines with built-in timers.
  • Auto4: Place cup on scale, will auto tare. When espresso hits the cup the timer starts automatically, weight is displayed.
  • Hand1: This is a pourover mode. Add brewing vessel to scale and weight goes to zero. Add coffee grounds after 3 seconds weight goes to zero. Start adding water and weight and timer start. Remove brew vessel and both weight and time go back to zero.
  • Hand2: This is a manual pourover mode. User tares and starts timer.